The Year of the Sublets

2007, 8 Minutes, Digital Video

One year in the life of a young woman who can't find a place to live. A year when memories, fantasies and dreams weave together and where a simple question feels like an unanswerable riddle.


It’s just going to be that kind of a year, try to embrace it.


Writer, Director, Producer ... Daniel Poliner

Production Manager ... Ivano Pulito

Editor ... Chris Chan Roberson

Composer ... Ron Gozzo

Sound Designer & Mixer ... Patrick Donahue

Production Design & Co-Producer ... Elizabeth Cipollina

Casting ... David Vaccari

Co-Producer ... Kelly M. DeVine


Lilly - Nadia Bowers

Becca - Woodwyn Koons

Harry - Adam LeFevre. . . .

Sonia - Shaula Chambliss

Little Lilly - Grace Ellen Poliner

Brian - Sam Turich

Lilly's Father - Guy Boyd