Right Foot Left Foot

2004, 15 Minutes, Super 16mm

A man wrestles with a midlife crisis, bringing about humorous imaginations and deep realizations.

Iā€™m trying to figure out the difference between building a life and growing apart.


Man in Cubicle - Adam LeFevre

His Wife - Deb Caswell

His Boss - Shaula Chambliss

His Son - Harry Kinne Jr

His Friend - Dave Walton

Young Wife - Jillian Mackey

DJ - Walter Quinn

Stu - Scott Hurlbert

Ira - Chris Chan Roberson


Writer, Producer, Director - Daniel Poliner

Production Design & Co-Producer - Elizabeth Cipollina

Cinematography - Chad Davidson

Co-Producer - David Vaccari

Co-Producer - Joshua LeVine

Original Music - Ron Gozzo

Original Music - Glenn Tarachow

Editor - Alek Lev

Sound Design & Mix - Patrick Donahue

Assistant Director & Editing - Chris Chan Roberson

Storyboard Artist - Djuna Wahlrab